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Privacy Agreement

The information you submit in your application online, and any related follow-up information you may provide separately in connection with such application (collectively, the "Data") is being collected by Dufry AG [(as the data controller), with its registered seat in Basel, Switzerland (for address details see below).

Dufry AG will treat your Data strictly confidentially, maintain adequate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized use, and will only disclose such Data to third parties as described in this Privacy Statement, as agreed with you or as required or permitted by applicable law.

The Data may be processed by Dufry AG, its branches, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies anywhere in the world (collectively, the "Dufry Group") for (i) recruitment purposes in connection with the position you have applied for and, at your option, for a longer period of time for other job openings, (ii) statistical purposes, (iii) legal purposes, and (iv) any other purpose you permit us or is permitted by law (collectively, the "Purposes").

Dufry AG will initially make your Data available to the member of the Dufry Group offering the job position you have applied for. Should your application not result in any employment, and subject to your consent, Dufry AG will, on its own behalf, make your Data available to HR personnel throughout the Dufry Group for a period of up to six months (or until you object) for the purpose of allowing such other members of the Dufry Group to evaluate and contact you if they believe that you may be suitable and interested in a particular new job opening. Subject to legal requirements, Dufry AG will delete any of your Data no longer needed.

The Data collected from you will consist of the information you decide to submit (e.g., your name, address, CV, and comments) and related information (e.g., the job position you are applying for, the region and type of job position). You should understand that the collection of the Data through this website will only be the first step in the recruitment process; consideration for employment will require further information, including satisfactory references and one or several interviews and assessments by the member of the Dufry Group offering the job position at issue.

You understand and agree that once your Data (and any additional information) has been obtained by a member of the Dufry Group, the further processing of such personal data by such member shall occur under the sole control and responsibility of such member and on its own behalf (it being a data controller of its own). Such processing may be subject to privacy policies and/or laws applicable, which may or may not provide for adequate level data protection and may differ from the present Privacy Statement. Dufry AG does not and shall not assume any responsibility for such further processing of Data by other members of the Dufry Group.

Dufry AG may mandate the processing of the Data to recruiting agencies and other third party service providers located anywhere in the world performing functions for and on behalf of Dufry AG (the "Service Providers"). Such Service Providers will be obliged to process the Data in compliance with this Privacy Statement and in particular maintain adequate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized use.

In connection with the above, you understand and consent that your Data may be transferred to, made available, stored in or otherwise processed in countries that do not provide for an adequate level of data protection and where such adequate level of data protection is not otherwise maintained.

You confirm towards the Dufry Group that all Data that you submit is true, accurate, complete and not misleading. You understand that any false or misleading statement made by you may be sufficient cause to justify the rejection of your application or withdrawal of an offer of employment or, if you have already become an employee, the immediate termination of your employment subject to due process. In connection with its recruitment purposes, each member of the Dufry Group may verify any Data provided by you with third parties and share the results with other members of the Dufry Group for the Purposes. If you do not wish a particular person to be contacted please state so.

You further confirm that you are submitting the Data on your own behalf and in your own name, and not as an agent, except where agents are permitted by Dufry AG, in which case you as an agent represent and warrant that (i) you have properly identified your agency, (ii) your agency has a valid agency agreement with Dufry AG for the purposes of this website, and (iii) the applicant, for whom you are providing the Data, fully consents to his/her Data being submitted and used pursuant to this Privacy Statement. Dufry AG may, at any time and without notice, remove and/or not further process any Data submitted by you.

When you visit this website, your browser automatically provides certain Internet-related information (e.g., your Internet protocol address, type of browser), which may be used by the Dufry AG for operational, security and statistical purposes and to improve its Internet activities. When accessing this website, your browser may automatically receive "cookies", which are small text files stored by your browser allowing your computer to be recognized when you return to or browse through this website. You can configure your browser not to accept such cookies; please refer to your browser documentation for further information on how to do this.

If you wish to access, amend or withdraw your Data, or if you have any other privacy-related question or issues, please contact us. Dufry AG reserves the right to update this Privacy Statement at any time. New versions will be posted on this website. If we write to your e-mail address for obtaining your consent regarding an updated Privacy Statement or processing of your personal data, your consent shall be deemed granted if we receive no objection from you within 30 days.

This website is operated by name and address, for and on behalf of Dufry AG. Dufry AG can be contacted at Hardstrasse 95, 4052 Basel, Switzerland, phone, e-mail. The responsible representative of Dufry AG is name. Dufry AG is registered with the commercial register of Basel under number CH- (EHRA-Id: 723492).

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