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Agency agreement

Acquiring new talent is something that we take very seriously at Dufry. We therefore have a set procedure when it comes to recruiting. You’re more than likely wondering how we develop our portfolio of ‘Recruitment Partners’ well, there are some key principles that you will need to be aware of:

  • Candidate information will only be accepted from ‘Recruitment Partners’ that appear on our preferred suppliers list, applications received through other means will be rejected
  • If an agency submits a candidate by using another agent's details, the following may happen:
    • Candidates will be informed of the misrepresentation of their personal information.
    • If the candidate secures in a position with Dufry, and it is found that the process has not been used correctly, payment will not be made to the agency
    • In the event of repeated misuse of the site, the local data protection office will be informed
  • All applications are submitted on a job by job basis.
  • If more than one agency submits an individual's details, it will be the agent who has arranged the interview that will control the data transmitted.
  • Payment terms will be no less that 60 days from invoicing
  • Under no circumstances should a recruitment agent contact a line manager directly, without the prior agreement of the appropriate Human Resource team.
  • Agent agrees to quality and performance surveys being completed regarding the level of service provided from all involved parties.
  • Where both an individual and an agent have submitted their details, the agent must provide evidence that the candidate still wants to be represented: failing this, the candidate will be treated as a direct applicant
  • A ‘Recruitment Preferred Supplier’ sheet must be completed and submitted, with terms and conditions agreed.